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  • Dumb and Dumber

    Dumb and Dumber


    I was gonna give this a 3 but i just did not like their constant and outdated objectification of women

  • To the Stars

    To the Stars


    Most shots are super pretty, and the story is cute by all mean.  Sadly it is too conventionally structured and predictable to be rater higher, in my opinion. Liked the ending thogh. Also think i would have liked it more in colour but idk

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  • The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

    The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix


    This one is superior to all other car and race films, and absolutely no-one can convince me otherwise

  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl


    Pretty obvious by now, this movie is bad. It picks itself up a tiny amount at the end to the point where it is almost tolerable, but it is still some of the worst shit I’ve seen this year.