Gemini Man

This review is for the 18 minute 3D/High Frame Rate trailer.

This is my first experience with 3D/HFR, having skipped out on the Hobbits etc. I generally do not enjoy 3D or high framerates for movie content individually and feel the latter is much better suited for documentary subjects. I've seen gross 120fps upscaling, the only proper use of 3D I've seen in the last 20 years was Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

This works. I don't know why it works. It's like they're made for eachother. Maybe they lessen their respective weaknesses? Maybe I'm turning into my grandfather? I would actually, willingly watch a movie like this if I didn't need to put in contacts to do it.

My read on Gemini Man itself is "what if Jason Bourne from the beginning of the series fought Jason Bourne from the end of the series but instead it's Will Smiths" and that's fine I guess, but I'm personally burnt out on self-aware secret spy action-suspense. I wish Ang went for a straight-faced crime thriller a la Ronin if he's trying to make high impact stuff on a budget tightened by technology and a big face.

whatever have fun everybody