Interstellar ★★★★½

"We're... We're here."

Happy to report Interstellar holds up on a re-watch. If anything, I think I enjoyed it a bit more the second time. Knowing where the story was heading, I could sit back and enjoy watching it unfold. I still don't think the movie is perfect (Dr. Mann is still an issue, and Casey Affleck's character is given a short shrift), but it reaches so far you can forgive some of those faults.

The cinematography is truly stunning. Some of the space scenes are just jaw-droppingly beautiful. Hans Zimmer's score is one of his best. He is often accused of being too loud and bombastic... Here, it is the moments of quiet, soothing music that really set this work above most of his other scores. I think I'll have to listen to it again; it may become my favorite of his scores.

Matthew McConaughey is absolutely perfect in this role; he makes you think it was written directly for him. Cooper and T.A.R.S. are the new Han Solo and C3P0.

Christopher Nolan has made his most emotional movie by far. The messages from home scene is just perfect in its simplicity.

It is clear that Interstellar owes a debt of gratitude to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I also saw glimpses of Star Wars and (surprisingly) Stargate.

Just a fantastic piece of science fiction (fact?) that deserves its place among the great movies of that genre.

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