Ms .45

Ms .45 ★★★★½

Day 1 of Junesploitation: Revenge!

Zoe Lund kills, both literally and figuratively. Surprisingly (and thankfully) not as gratuitous as I expected, considering the subject matter. Wisely focuses on Lund’s purely emotional performance rather than the more salacious elements movies like I Spit on Your Grave relish in.

Loved the look of this one- 80’s grimy New York City at its best. It helps that the Blu-ray look absolutely gorgeous. Really dug the take on the Brooklyn Bridge shot from Manhattan.

Trying to find out a way to download the music playing at the Halloween party at the end- now that’s a jam.

As a long suffering Mets fan, I greatly appreciated the guy dressed as Mr. Met at the party (with full head!!!).

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