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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


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    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Ragnarok is effective a soft reboot of the Thor franchise, taking only the best from the original and introducing better characters, plot ideas, and a newer, more comedic tone.

    Best Bits: The comedic tone presented in this movie is absolutely brilliant, there is a lot of Taika Waititi's signature form of humor, as well as a lot of extra visual gags throughout the movie, and the fact that the actors improvised 80% of the script adds so…

  • Coco



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    Coco (2017)

    Coco is a charming and beautiful movie, with bright, eye-popping animation, but it suffers from many cliche plot problems

    Best Bits: Coco's animation is absolutely breathtaking, with beautiful, wide-scanning environments, clever character designs and a colorful palette. As well as this, both the digetic and non-digetic sound design is brilliant, with the focus song in particular being incredibly touching. speaking of touching, the points in the movie where it starts to get emotional are absolutely amazing.

    Worst Bits:…

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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Incredibles 2 (2018)

    The Incredibles 2 is a long awaited sequel to the incredibly popular 'Incredibles' and is satisfying for the most part, but not without problems.

    Best Bits: First off, the animation and lighting are amazing, it seems that Pixar gets better with every movie, as this movie is colorful, eye popping and generally a treat for the eyes. The characters are just as good as the first movie, and sometimes even better. The plot is a little worn…