• Overlord



    Horror should explore the nazi occultism & esoterism territory more. I like how this keeps the serious tone throughout the run-time, the bodies mangled and ripped apart by gun fire being genuinely gruesome. A very fine set-up for a possible sequel or two.

  • The Suspect

    The Suspect


    Too much fat which could've been trimmed by about half an hour without any issues, but this Korean (vaguely) political thriller pushes through with rather entertaining swirls of personal vendettas, revenge and betrayals, which is typical of thrillers coming from Korea. There's a flare of Bourne-esque, The Raid-school intensity in numerous action cuts, a bit damped by frantic, unfocused camera work and editing, but Gong Yoo controls the scenes with his laser-focused maneuvering through the obstacles.

  • April Story

    April Story


    The short film really does feel like a live-action form of a more sophisticated slice-of-life animation, I'm thinking Makoto Shinkai or someone similar. A handful of attractive shots nicely married with soft musical pieces as we watch our slightly reserved protagonist trying to socialize with a couple of new acquaintances, although noticeable are specks of loneliness and melancholy as we see her prefer visiting theater and bookstores alone. A bit too sugary or awkward at times, but flows very smoothly.