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  • The Broken Hearts Gallery

    The Broken Hearts Gallery


    NEW REVIEW: The Broken Hearts Gallery is flush with independent coffee shops, tote bags, milk alternatives, skincare routine gags, scrunchies, progressive vagina jokes and thrift shopping. And while it might seem that this hipster, meme humour and millennial iconography would only appeal to those of us born in the era of selfies, vegan bacon and online liberal activism, there is, like actually, something for everyone in this timely, fun-loving take on a once stale and formulaic genre...... continue reading @ The Film Magazine: www.thefilmagazine.com/brokenheartsgallery-2020-newyork-romcom-review/

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    The heavy narration spoiled this somewhat for me. I just found that it interrupted the flow or things and stopped me from ever really relaxing into the story. I understand that it was narration from the actual author of the book, but it got old, fast.  

    I did actually like this film better than the book it’s adapted from. The book, although relentlessly gruesome and bloodthirsty, ends up being a little dry and lacklustre in parts. In contrast, I…

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