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  • The Bubble

    The Bubble

    "The issue is not that these performers aren’t talented — it’s that Apatow has utterly failed to provide them with any actual material or character to enact. Instead, he’s reverted to his usual Line-o-Rama improv shtick, which has left him with an incredible clutch of scenes in which nothing happens and no narrative is advanced. It’s just a collection of riffs, very few of which merit more than twenty or thirty seconds, much less a movie of over two hours. It’s an uninspired SNL sketch stretched out to feature length; barely a movie." ✏️ Matt Lynch

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  • Persuasion


    "Throwing every modern gimmick at the wall to see what sticks, Cracknell’s Persuasion is a jumble of intentionally anachronistic dialogue, fourth-wall breaking affects, and attempts at cynical wit that seems to see its own source material as a problem to be solved rather than an adaptation to be lovingly and imaginatively massaged.

    " ✏️Molly Adams

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