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  • Roma



    ROMA is the real deal y’all. It’s beautiful in every way. The storytelling is emotionally inviting and thematically rich, the performances glisten with poignancy, and Alfonso Cuarón’s technical precision is (as expected) breathtaking. I cannot recommend it enough.

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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I loved COLD WAR. It's beautiful film about love, fragmented relationships and the tension of time, which makes the murky era of Cold War Poland an appropriate setting. The central "romance" is frothy and inviting, but because of cultural and political complications, the relationship between Zula and Wiktor eventually turns bleak and grim by the end. But despite that arduous ending, COLD WAR is a passionate and intimate experience thanks to Pawel Pawlikowski's great direction. Like ROMA to Alfonso Cuarón,…

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  • Nightcrawler



    This is the Jake Gyllenhaal show. Or you could argue that it's the Louis Bloom show because Gyllenhaal just disappears. His performance is absolutely unreal and is arguably the best of his career. Louis is creepy, disturbing but also incredibly compelling from beginning to end.

    Dan Gilroy's direction is immaculate. Incredible pacing, fantastic sound design and the cinematography is maybe the best I've seen all year. Robert Elswit is great utilizing LA's night light's, neon blares and illumination that almost…

  • Widows



    If anyone doubted Steve McQueen because WIDOWS is more "commercial" than his previous work, get ready to have those expectations blown out of the water. Yes, it may be slightly more accessible, but McQueen's ethos is embedded into its core. There are layers upon layers, characters are complex and compelling, the story never pulls its punches - all while never losing its entertainment value. Simply, WIDOWS is an utter force of nature.

    Viola Davis is stunning as always. She should…