Ghost in the Shell ★★★

While far from perfect, I really appreciate the different approach to this film vs its predecessors. All of the (ahem) major plot beats are here, but they're rearranged in a very different way, while adding its own flavor to the mix. Thematically speaking, it also takes a different turn by the third act as well.

However, you can easily tell that studio hands were middling with this - as they wanted to pander to both fans of the anime and US audiences - and that really hurts this film. The script overall is quite uneven as a result.

Additionally the casting of Scarlett Johannson - while I love her - is problematic, even in the context of the film. Without giving spoilers, the aesthetic presence of Scar Jo makes no sense given the writing of her character. That said, her performance is excellent as always. 

Despite those problems, I still enjoyed the experience, even if it was an unbalanced one.

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