Goodbye Christopher Robin ★★★½

GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN is messy, it’s raw, it’s narratively disjointed at times and could've used some tightening overall.

That said, it's also benevolent and a poignant cautionary tale that had me weeping by the end. Its notions of fatherhood, and the consequences of forgoing your responsibilities to pursue your own selfish interests, beautifully ripped me apart.

"You won your son's heart and then turned your back on him" - the line from this film that ultimately serves as its thesis. And while messy, I loved how the film tackles that within the context of this story, and how ironic it is given the nature of Winnie-the-Pooh. Domnhall Gleeson gives my favorite performance of his since either Ex Machina or About Time, and is a big reason that emotion comes through for me.