Ingrid Goes West ★★★½

Aubrey Plaza gives by far one of my favorite performances of 2017. She is fully immersed in her character of Ingrid and it's captivating on every level.

The film overall isn't perfect, but it's a solid film about seeking validity in the social media age. The idea of seeking a faux-persona to feel like you have a purpose - and the mental and emotional ramifications that come from that - are viscerally explored here and carry weight because of Plaza's performance.

I'm still wrestling with some of the narrative extremes this film goes to, I'm not exactly sure if they work but they do represent thematically the kinds of places people are willing to go to for that validity. The biggest problem I have with the film is how it all crystallizes in the final scenes of the film. The actions taken by Ingrid - and how she's ultimately rewarded - feel a bit misguided despite its affable intentions. That said, Ingrid's actions do feel true to her character and there is an honesty to the emotional progression of the moment.

All in all, despite a few things here and there, I very much recommend this film. And O'Shea Jackson Jr. is an absolute delight.