Logan Lucky ★★★½

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed LOGAN LUCKY. I'm so tempted to bump this up to a 4* review, but I still need to wrestle with it more objectively first. Subjectively speaking, it's no doubt one of my favorite films of the summer.

The film's celebration of blue-collar America and their capabilities is endearing, sincere and often very funny. Sure, the film tip toes the line of being a little condescending at times, but I found that to be more in an attempt for laughs than anything else. The heart of the film is more about its blue-collar aesthetics and how Soderbergh uses that to upend the mental stigma that comes with these kinds of characters.

In that regard, LOGAN LUCKY is a vastly different than the OCEAN'S series. Additionally, in terms of execution, Soderbergh doesn't bask in the the "how" of this heist but rather what happens and how these characters react.

There's also some great meta humor here that I really loved as well.