The Incredible Jessica James ★★★½

THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES may go down as my favorite surprise film of the year.

I'm not familiar with Jim Strouse's work, and while I love Jessica Williams' work on THE DAILY SHOW, I wasn't sure what to expect of her as an actress. But goodness does she deliver here, both comedically and dramatically. I also loved her chemistry with Chris O'Dowd, who is equally as charming and great here.

This film is another great example of how execution transcends familiar material. There's nothing about the screenplay that's inventive - in fact there are some plot beats that are frustratingly cliche here - but the overall charm and fun of this movie makes it incredibly endearing. In fact, outside those few beats, I pretty much forgot about how familiar this story is overall.

The humor of this film is biting, unapologetic and simultaneously very sincere. I laughed a lot throughout this experience, and on occasion I was also moved emotionally.

Simply, give me more Jessica Williams please.

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