Victoria ★★★★½

One of my favorite films of 2015 to date. The direction of this film is absolutely masterful. The film has been known for the fact that it's entirely one-take the whole time. And not like a Birdman one-take, which I loved by the way, but literally it's one single take for two hours and 18 minutes. It's impressive just to pull that off, but when you add in a story that's thrilling and fun to watch and is full of rich characters and thematic layers, it's even more impressive.

The characters are multi-dimentional, layered and the main character of Victoria is absolutely magnetic. You are heartbroken for her at the end of this film. And how this film touches on ideas of loneliness, connection and the complexities of that, it gives the film an emotional current that flows throughout the film.

It's an exhilarating experience that I couldn't recommend enough. We talk about this on our Extra Film podcast, that you can hear here.