Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Easily Guy Ritchie's best films in recent years. WRATH OF MAN isn’t the witty, quick edited, frenetic, jovial kind of film that we’re used to seeing from him. Instead it's his most emotionally gripping and darkly tenacious effort yet, with a seething vexation that incessantly boils underneath the surface. In many respects, it's trying to be THE DEPARTED (as a neo noir crime thriller where every character is disposable), but with a sliver of MANCHESTER BY THE SEA grounding motivation and plot. Connective tissue isn't always seamless, but for the most part there's a precision here that couples well with Ritchie's inspired direction (arguably his best directed movie).

If you're more interested in his playfulness, I can understand why this film doesn't work for you, but I love how subversive it is given his filmography (and especially coming off the heels of the very fun THE GENTLEMAN last year). It's also effective because of Jason Statham's performance, which is remarkable. This is a film that is unrelenting in its brooding nature, a trait that Statham taps into very well with his stoicism, yet underneath that is transparent emotion driving every action that his character takes. It's an incredible duality.

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