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This review may contain spoilers.

Not to be confused with the bloody murder film from 2000 directed by Ralph Portillo from hemisphere entertainment this film I surprisingly bought from David Sterling as I believe he was helping Market the film for a friend and unfortunately he wasn’t having much success with selling it but I decided to give it a try as well.

Brought To Us by Tornspace Films originally filmed in 2013 and whether or not Sterling had anything to do with the film other than distribution for 2017, I am not unsure at this point but the film is written and directed by Keith Parker which is funny is the writer behind Clown Motel Massacre filmed at the Clown Motel which evidently a posibility someone got the same idea from a director Joseph Kelly also filming his feature at Clown Motel I don’t really want to say anything bad about Clown Motel Massacre Which is directed by Tom Newth cause it could actually be fun, I mean it can’t just be coincidence that says that two directors that are friends with each other that just happened to come up with the same idea well not same idea but clown films filmed same location. But that is an entirely different feeling and project and I don’t want that to overshadow my review of this film.

The tagline on the film claims 7 killers but only one murderer, as the film opens up to a man arriving at a house with a knife shoved in the back of his pants.The man not exactly a fit man but he is definitely a bigger man in a grey shirt and jeans walks into a full family house where a mother and two daughters are residing. walking up behind the mother she turns around fight them off a little bit and then he stabs her what I like is the fact that I can see some blood spread out looks like a little bit of CGI not much just a little bit. After this happens the man goes up the stairs after the two little girls and you hear gunshots and then you see the man carrying bodies of the two girls where he’s put the dead body of mother and then the credits roll in.

So looks like some kind of a group has invited 7 people party of some sort with food involved and they all arrive at this house. Once inside the house the group finds boxes with their names on them end placement cards to tell them that they are involved in a game called bloody murder and each of them are linked to one another and no one must leave the house or else else ill fate will happen upon them.

You know what this kind of feels like, this kind of feels like along the same lines of like the House on Haunted Hill except they didn’t arrive In hearses and they’re certainly not entirely creepy atmosphere.

I got a feeling like some of these actors haven’t acted before and some of these actors are natural actors so it’s like half and half. there is one kill in here that seems to take longer but there is a cool little CGI moment here and there in the film that is ever so slight which I am glad that it’s not used extensively but because this is independent and low budget The Kills are definitely taking longer. Three females, four males, 1 a pastor. The house is more like a condo with a pool attached so it’s bigger than I imagined. The actor who plays Josh Carpenter as the film goes on I’ve noticed he has some kind of an accent it sounds Brooklyn.

Other than that this film is playing out like a mix between a slasher and like a game of Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie mystery. I guess I enjoyed the film but I wish I understand how the killer once you find out who it is which wasn’t really a surprise for me as I’ve seen many of these bells with these premises, I wish that I had more of a backstory to the killer then just a few images of newspaper clippings this being said there was at least to smartly done kills and I did enjoy the fact that it was more of a mystery selected guest party with a tinge of murder involved. if you enjoy films like this definitely check it out and don’t let the fact that the director might be connected to a film that might have gotten the idea possibly mind ya and filmed same location stop you from viewing the film and I could be wrong at my information but what are the odd’s of coincidences… I will say the acting got better as it went on but I feel like they had a rough start… one fun fact is Lana Riley played by Callie Burk played in Gila previousy… I hate saying something about the director being involved with that Clown Motel Massacre but is what is.

Starring Amber Beaty as Angel Falcone, Grant Niezgodski as Josh Carpenter, Amanda Lynn Meyer as Megan Hatcher, Callie Burk as Lana Riley, Dave Charles as
Robert Bradley, Paul Nicely as Sam Langley, Mark Austin as Pastor Gabriel Crowell, Sonya Collett as Sonya Winston, Rachel Collett as Rachel Winston, Claire Collett as Claire Winston, Keith Parker as
Janso Falcone, Tyler Sexson as
Chris Lister / Matt Stiner, Lisa Kwon as
Sarah Miles, Justin Klemann as Kurt MacReady.