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This review may contain spoilers.

Distributed by Horizon Movies working with Ruthless Pictures and Head Trauma Productions director John Pata and Adam Bartlet in association with Gilead Media, a Wisconsin native Known for the short film “Better Off Undead” from 2007 helms this feature film “Dead Weight.”

Dead Weight begins in an apartment of Charlie Russell (Belknap) where he is just arriving home to to hear that there is an outbreak of some sort through his girlfriend Samantha Macready (Lindberg) has called to warn him about before she has to go cause her boss has found a way out of the city. When Samantha calls him back she tells Charlie her boss has a canoe and even though Minneapolis has been quarantined because of the “infected” so Charlie makes a suggestion that they meet up in Wasau where they’d met.

So next we see Charlie in an abandoned house as it appears he’s been on the road for a month with this group of stragglers still on his way to meet up at least it’s still on his mind. As the film progresses it flashes back to a moment in time where Charlie Visits Samantha in Minneapolis after she’s been gone for a month already interning at the job he’s been at and she comes back with news that she’s don such a great job for her boss already he’s offering her a job to stay on.

The thing that I’m getting about Charlie is he’s not ready for change and even though I understand that it was a great opportunity that Sam Excepted she didn’t really communicate as if she was in a real true relationship. Back on the road the group of people he’s with runs across Three men who try to take the female they have with them.

When Drew one of the people he travels with attacks Meredith and tries to rape her Charlie kills drew and I believe something changed in him something for the worse. I think when your on the road too long fighting for survival with time slipping away for you to find your loved ones, the time alone can drive you mad.

I think that this film is a really good movie about humanity and sometimes even people turn more undead then the infected the film speaks about. Literally you see absolutely no Zombies until the very end and yet there are sounds and the implication that there was an outbreak being more about cabin fever than the outbreak itself. I certainly enjoyed this feature as it has a very “real” story line and stuff that “could” very well happen if there was an outbreak. The reason why I haven’t written this film up yet is I think this is one of the best Indie films I have seen and I watched this a year and a half ago already It’s just so many come out its hard to keep up. To some this film might be slow but no girlfriend should have to do what Samantha had to do.

Those who are into independent films that are horror I think this was a different kind of Zombie film where it’s more about the way people survive through it that about the monsters themselves. Well done for your first feature Mr. Pata and Mr. Bartlett. I certainly recommend it. Loved the acting can’t really find anything wrong with thins film I had a blast watching how dark this film became.

Starring Joe Belknap as Charlie Russell, Mary Lindberg as Samantha MacReady, Michelle Courvais as Meredith, Aaron Christensen as Thomas, Sam Lenz as Dustin, Jess Ader as Drew, Matty Field as Bobby, Jake Martin as Roy, Mark Muetzel as Clint, Steve Herson as Harrison, Cheri Sandlin as Ellen, Fran St. Andre as Greg, Jason Ryf as Riley, Reva Fox as Janelle, Adam Loper as Bruce, Lee Marohn as Allan, Don Summer as Don, Coree Van Thiel as Karen, Alex Marohn as Mark, Mary Manchester as Alex MacReady, Eric Van Thiel as Doug, Seth Frank as Scott, Becky Belknap as Shelly, Rachel Sandlin as Lora, Dale DeVries as Waiter Dave, Adam Bartlett as Wedding Party, Scott Burns as Wedding Party, Ashley Lamers as Wedding Party, Sami Duerhing as Wait Staff, Peter Herr as Wait Staff, Joel Kopischke as Ted Rosen, Stangaar as Himself.