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  • Avalanche Express

    Avalanche Express


    A cold war action thriller about a defecting Russian general, directed by Mark Robson and featuring a very well-known cast, yet you probably haven't heard of it. Why? Check out the trivia on IMDb. Tragedy. And the movie suffered from it. Robert Shaw is underwhelming (for understandable reasons), the fact that all his dialogue was re-voiced doesn't help either and Lee Marvin's performance is hampered by a boring love interest. Only Maximilian Schell, playing the Russian baddie, seems to be…

  • Terrifier



    Police are on the look out for a tall, thin man wearing a black and white clown costume and carrying a large garbage bag.

    Say hi to your new lord and savior, gorehounds. It's Art the Clown and he makes Pennywise look like Paddington. This guy means bloody business and this film does not hold back on showing what goes down when Art does what he does best. One scary looking motherfucker with a bag of goodies that makes your…

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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Exceptionally well executed horror. The use of lighting, the color scheme, the camera moves and the sound design; it looks and sounds terrific. Those gunshots for instance. The first one made me swear and cheer in three different languages. Then there's Big Norm, the blind man. A formidable figure who unexpectedly wakes up and makes sudden appearances. Nothing like the cheap jump scares you see so often. And he shows no fear. He's the kind of guy that probably thinks…

  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel


    Bring out all your superheroes, tear down all the CGI cities you want or destroy complete planets for all I care, I will always prefer this kind of pure action. And Baxley was quite good at it in those years. Dolph Lundgren too, that's a pretty sweet roundhouse kick early on, but his ruthless cop is also having a bad day as his partner goes down. In comes a new one. A by the book fed. That means male bonding…