Emelie ★★★½

There's something wrong with the babysitter! True that. She's way too nice, letting the kids eat, drink and do all they want, but the way she looks at the oldest boy from the moment they meet.. That's inappropriate. And she doesn't stop there. Sarah Bolger is creepy as hell as Anna and the kids, well, as long as they don't really have to act, they act like kids. It makes Emelie an unsettling and tension filled experience right from the start, one that taps into one of those basic fears. Someone messing with innocent kids, who can barely defend themselves. Too bad some of the writing is a little too obvious.

Especially the bedtime story, which turns out to be a simple way of revealing what's going on with Anna. Not a very smart move either, since the mystery surrounding her was also one of the reasons why it got off to such a compelling start. It's not completely downhill after that, but it becomes more of an ordinary home invasion-like thriller. With certain qualities though. It stays a bit too tame to really grab you by the throat, but things do get ugly and Thelin's use of lighting and sound gives it something extra. Enough to keep it going as far as I'm concerned. Emelie deserves more praise than it gets.

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