Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

This director. Visually quite the showboat, isn't he? I kind of like that, just like the tone here. Not too serious. After all, we're dealing with a glossy and dangerous rock covered in a storm, inhabited by supersized creatures. Loved the moo beast, the spider scene is pretty amazing and there's that big ape playing with choppers as if they were toys. The Skull Crawlers are a bit disappointing though. Just another generic reptilian who squeaks too much and the film crosses that tipping point, where colossal animals squaring off are no longer impressive. It actually starts to have a numbing effect at some point. Less really is more.

Bigger problem is the part played by Samuel L. Jackson. You'd think having a group of explorers with various backgrounds being chased by humongous beasts on an remote island would be enough to fill a film, but no, for some reason there has to be one to break up the bunch. Obvious, predictable and tedious. Luckily there's John C. Reilly to make up for that. Steals every scene he's in. Even makes you forget John Goodman is in this. The rest of the cast are largely forgettable. Small exception for Cole and Mills, who also add a little fun to the whole thing. By no means great, but King Kong beats Godzilla by a landslide.

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