Slugs ★★★

Animals were harmed in this film. I think. People too. By killer slugs. Slimy little creatures that strike before the hot girl has a chance to take her shirt off. Bastards. Things get worse for the good people of Somewhere Town when bodies, eaten to the bone, turn up everywhere and the suspicion arises that they might be dealing with a mutated kind. With a ferocious appetite. How come? Oh, fuck it.

It doesn't make much sense, like a lot doesn't make sense in this movie. By Juan Piquer Simón. Yeah, the guy from Pieces. Slugs is a tad bit better (less bad that is) and, perhaps therefore, a little less fun than his, eh, masterpiece. Don't worry, the acting and dialogue is still laughable at times, but there's no Lynda Day. There's no logic either, but that shouldn't get in the way of a good horror scene anyway.

When the two horny teens become a meal for instance. You could wonder about how all those black slugs got in the bedroom, but why bother when you get to see them creeping, crawling and chewing on naked bodies. One of the best scenes. Other highlights all have to do with gore, which is surprisingly good here. Simón comes up with some nasty stuff every once and a while. Not bad for a bad film.

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