Suburra ★★★★

Organized crime lead by a man known as Samurai, the Vatican Bank involved in some shady business, a politician with influence, high class and underaged prostitutes in their birthday suits, an overly ambitious foot soldier, a local gangster who goes by the name of Number 8, his junkie sweetheart, a gypsy patriarch with a short fuse, a pit bull with no fuse and an unfortunate weasel caught in the middle. All connected through a project that should turn Ostia, an area in Rome, into the new Las Vegas. And everybody wants a slice of that fat pie. A tale of corruption, crime and violence, presented in a slightly slow paced neo noir that excels when it comes to cinematography and atmosphere. Reminded me of Refn's Drive at times, which is always a good sign. M83's score works like a charm here. Suburra makes Soldado, Stefano Sollima's next film and the sequel to Sicario, something to really look forward to.

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