The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

Mixed bag. Any movie with a pig in a shirt in it deserves a watch and this hunt has a few other things going for it as well. The satire, however, isn't one of those. It seems to be poking fun at both sides. That's good, I guess, but funny? Not very often. It felt forced most of the time and -much like the politics itself- I got tired of it pretty fast. The tone of the movie never entirely worked for me either and there's a flashback that, well, flashbacks, ugh. Better is the way the hunt starts and how it initially hops from one character to the other. Some surprising and pretty brutal stuff there. Best thing about it is when it zooms in on Crystal and goes from there. Betty Gilpin goes pretty badass. She and her facial expressions steal the movie. The Kill Bill-like start of the finale was a bit of a downer though.

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