The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★

Teenagers do stupid shit, Mom. I am a teenager.

Teenagers out of control never wear Beyoncé shirts, do they? Loved the first film, mixed feelings about this sequel. Stylish, yes, the masks are still cool and eerie, there are plenty of moments of stone cold horror and whenever those innocent eighties tracks start playing, it feels mean and vile. Too bad the rest of the sound design is mostly obtrusive and/or generic. 

And that messes with the mood of things. Not very fond of the family dynamics and character work here either. I come for the horror, not for a whiny teen who needs to make a U-turn in attitude. It's my fault, boo-hoo. Or a boy who can't force himself to pull the trigger. Just shoot, you twat. Shoot! And then there's that ending. Part of what I think makes or could make this a horrid affair is that the killers are just a bunch of kids having fun, so turning one of them into an almost unkillable machine doesn't really work for me. 

Awesome scene, with the burning truck and all, but not in this movie. Or perhaps I'm missing the point and it's simply all about playing with the clichés and tropes of slashers. That would explain the cop scene, I suppose. I could have done without all that stuff. Now this sequel ends up on the big, big pile of somewhat entertaining yet largely forgettable horror flicks.

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