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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    Requiem for a dream hits you like a shock to the system but ever so slowly & definitely surely. It effectively shows the true sequence of events that hard drug addiction almost always brings & director Darren Aronofsky displays these pitfalls in the most sickening but truthful way, not one punch is pulled. The score is equally chilling & pairs beautifully with some truly breathtaking cinematography thats delivered in a transformative way. The acting here is exceptional & you can really feel the weight of anxiety from the entire situation, the last 30 minutes are absolutely gut-wrenching.

  • Ambulance



    “ This Shit is crazy. “

    Grand Theft Auto the movie, the silly popcorn action movie that has in recent years gone extinct. There is a sort of beauty in the over the top nuances here as Ambulance tried to literally hit as many as humanly possible. It was Michael Bay’s excuse to wreck cars, blast semi auto’s & blow shit up, its dazzling. The action lover in me couldn’t help but eat that shit up. I also won’t deny how…