Safe ★★★½

When I go to a Jason Statham movie I have specific expectations: I want action, a few fights, a good car chase, maybe a touching moment showing his soft side and some snappy dialogue. A cohesive storyline is always a nice bonus. I am happy to say, “Safe” lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed the movie. Statham plays a good guy in despair due to the circumstances forced on him by the bad guys, when he sees a girl in distress. He saves her but really she saves him by giving his life a purpose again. There are lots of bad guys in this one…dirty cops, politicians, triads, Russians… and they all are after the girl and her secrets so Statham gets lots of opportunities to show his action star skills. The car chases had some interesting camera angles that almost reminded me of “Bullit” using the mirrors and other interesting perspectives to change it up. If you like action flicks, this movie is for you.