The Lone Ranger ★★★½

“The Lone Ranger” is the first of the two movies made with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels and based on the TV series of the same name. I really enjoyed this underrated Western.

The movie holds true to the Lone Ranger character, a western super-hero if you will, who found his crime-fighting calling as he avenged the death of his brother and other Texas Rangers and continues to bring criminals to justice with his partner Tonto. In this story, he has been asked by the territory Governor to investigate a series of suspicious raids on white settlers supposedly by Native Americans but as these raiders use saddles there is obviously more going on.

The message of anti-war and anti-racism in this film are quite relevant today. Unfortunately, the dialogue, especially for the Native Americans, is more reflective of the time it was written. Each actor has a time to shine including Moore going undercover as an old prospector, Silverheels in a fight scene and Silver as a rather effective lookout.