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  • The Stone Killer

    The Stone Killer


    'He's got a big gun'
    'And a Small Future'

  • Commando



    There are so many mistakes in this movie I lost count. But it's so badass that it doesn't matter. And so is the OST; It's so good that it's also in another movie of which I do not even remember the title.
    Then came the director's cut and one would expect they'd cut out some of the mistakes. I'm glad they didn't!
    Oh and Bill Duke is in it..

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  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    my rhythm box is sweet
    never forgets a beat
    it never eats it never shits
    it never sleeps
    it only beats
    it's all cool, it does it's rule
    it's always high
    so am I
    do you wanna know why?
    it is
    so what?
    who of your friends is not?
    me and my rhythm box

  • Death Machines

    Death Machines


    Half a star for the Dragon Lady's hair; it's as tall as herself and half a star for the super badass OST!
    Movie itself is top 70's B fun.