Favorite films

  • Overdose
  • Halloween II
  • Christiane F.
  • Sleepaway Camp

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  • Climax


  • Left Handed Memories


  • Cheerleader Camp


  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Recent reviews

  • Climax



    rewatched in airport while hitting poppers , flight leaves in 4hrs. i’m having a hard month but this was exactly what i needed tbh

  • Left Handed Memories

    Left Handed Memories


    the fact that we had to go all the way to SAIC just to see this because that greedy ass gatekeepy art school is holding this movie hostage 😭😭😭

Popular reviews

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair


    this movie feels like the film equivalent of traumacore backrooms creepypasta youtube videos, going on /x/ at 3am on a school night and hearing vanished by crystal castles for the first time.

    the credits finished rolling and i was looking at myself in the computer screen. i felt it. like on another level idk.

    thank u to whoever the fuck made this and i am sorry i watched it on vk i promise i'll buy a movie ticket and make a tinder boy go see this with me in theaters if it drops locally anytime soon.

  • The Flesh of Fallen Angels

    The Flesh of Fallen Angels


    thank u to every1 in the film who let me shoot them and a special thanks to vareons for going into the chicago cold with me at the witching hour <3 <3 interpret this short film however u would like, i’m so interested in reading abt anything ppl have 2 say abt this :) 

    here’s a link to the short: youtu.be/AeCUAqBUfZU
    (there’s another project on my youtube that i’m working on logging to letterboxd this weekend) 

    luv u all sm,
    salem 💓