Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★★

this movie is just… really cool. the nightmare illusions still give me chills.

i think i got into jake’s filmography after this movie so now in retrospect after seeing his movies and talent i’m like bitch THE jake gyllenhaal is in the mcu??? pretty cool ngl

first time i watched this i thought it was the best spiderman or my favorite at least and i do still think it’s amazing and i love it but since then hoco had become my favorite and one of my top comfort films, and now nwh happened and that’s definitely #1 so sadly this goes #3 on my tom spidey ranking lol but it’s really good so it shows just how amazing this trilogy really is.

now some random thoughts i got throughout:

-i always thought it was kinda random that fury was a skrull the entire time but it actually makes so much sense cuz fury wouldn’t trust a new guy that fast. also he showed him spidey’s true identity for no reason lol

-i really love all the tony memorials cuz it really shows tony was a worldwide hero and loved everywhere 🥺🥺

-*NWH SPOILER ALERT* seeing aunt may after nwh hit different 🥲🥲 specially at the end she’s so sweet i’m gonna miss her so much ☹️

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