Steve Jobs ★★★★½

A thrilling movie with a unique twist on your usual biographical movie by showing you three very distinct moments in Steve Jobs' life. I'm not the biggest fan of Apple products, mostly because of their inability to connect with other devices, an aspect which is heavily discussed in this film. It shows just how insane Jobs truly was, making some decisions that seem nearly idiotic and extremely egotistical. But still, he was an absolute visionary and this film shows how his mind-boggling decisions worked out for him in the end... or did they?

The film has some masterful direction, and I found its structure and execution extremely interesting. Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen are amazing as Jobs and Wozniak, and their relationship seems so interesting that it makes me want to read up more on the history of this bizarre company. I don't know how true to history this movie actually is, but it definitely makes for a super interesting and well-executed film.

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