Candyman ★★★★

Still can't believe I got to see this in the same theater as THE Candyman himself, Tony Todd! I really enjoyed the Q&A portion after, though I will say, having watched the Dead Meat episode on Candyman gave away a lot of the trivia he wound up mentioning. Still though, hearing that iconic voice put a big smile on my face.

As for the movie itself, I thought it was quite good - great performances all around and the writing is competent- I'm always glad when a modern horror movie actually gives us characters to care about. As for the movie's general themes, I thought it handled things pretty well, though the script often hit a little too squarely on the nose without having more of the sinister subtext I loved in Get Out. Still, I'm happy this turned out far better than a certain other recent franchise reboot/sequel from 2018...

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