Police Story

Police Story ★★★★½

"Will this be mentioned somewhere?"
"What are you talking about? I haven't seen anything."

There are only so many things an ordinary man can do with a clothes rack. Jackie Chan is definitely not an ordinary man.
Also sliding eight floors down a pole in a shopping center and dislocating his pelvis and seriously burning his hand in the process is both complete madness and amazing dedication to his art.

Jackie Chan plays the Hong Kong policeman Chan Ka Kui who captures and arrests a drug lord in what might be the most impressive opening to an action film ever. It's a car chase through a shantytown down a hill full of explosions, wrecked buildings and people dodging the cars and debris in what looks like jumps for their lives. It really has to be seen to be believed.
Chan Ka Kui then gets framed by the drug lord for killing a cop and desperately tries to clear his name while on the run from his fellow colleagues.

"Police Story" has a unique mixture of crime thriller with interesting court scenes, slapstick and gender comedy with Jackie, Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung in charming form, some good shootouts and really amazing stuntwork and martial arts choreographies.

The incredible thing is that it really works. On paper "Police Story" should be an inconsistent yet entertaining mess but somehow everything comes together and works. Jackie is in top form and be it a slapstick scene with him answering three phones at the same time in the office or delivering martial arts and stunt greatness, he's always awesome and the film engaging.
"Police Story" is a very well paced film and it doesn't even matter what element is at the forefront. It's always a blast, whether it's Chan Ka Kui's playing the wrong tape of evidence during a court hearing or stunts so insane and deadly they'll make your heart stop.

But the stuntwork is definitely so crazy, it stands out. It stands out positively as being both death-defying and very creative. These stuntpeople and Jackie himself deserve all the praise and respect they got for this.

"Police Story" features Jackie Chan and his team in top form with an original brand of humour and extremely well done stunts in a a gritty Hong Kong crime story. It's tense, it's fun, it's entertaining and everyone should see it.

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