Swing Kids

Swing Kids ★★★★

"I speak four languages, you know. Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Last one is an occupational hazard."

"Your face is red, is it because you're a commie?"

Features one of the best dropkicks in South Korean cinema - this is one of the rarer occasions where the dropkicker is a lady though. Gotta love that.
The film is what you should expect from a South Korean historic comedy/drama. You'll get into the story quickly, the characters are a likeable bunch, there's the odd violent peak reminding you SK history was and actually is grim as fuck, then it makes you tap your feet and enjoy yourself with some generally great craftsmanship and the random moment of especially sweet and creative cinematography and then it turns into an ice-cream scoop that slowly rips your heart out and there's nothing you can do about it. Thanks you knobheads.

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