Roma ★★★½

Rare case where I had a better watch at home than the theater.

Visually absolutely everything I’ve come to expect from all Cuaron’s work albeit a little understated compared to some of the craziness from Children of Men and Gravity.  So many long lingers in and slow pans around that Charon makes use of for (admittedly a little heavy handed at some times) visual metaphor.  And while the slow contemplative shots make up a lot of my favorite moments of Roma, Cuaron still manages to give us a good range here including a combination of camerawork and sound design at the movie’s climax that has to be one of the best things I’ve seen this year. I’ll say the characters left me a little cold on the first watch but whether it was me picking up on more details or being a little more used to the way the movie delivered character details but I didn’t really find myself with the same complaint on watch #2.  I do wish we got a bit more time with Cleo away from the family though.

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