The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Really good.

Feels more confident both scene to scene and in broadstrokes than either The Lobster or Killing of a Sacred Deer.  Obviously Lanthimos is getting a lot of the visual playbook for this one from Kubrick but regardless he deserves some credit for riffing on Barry Lyndon to some pretty cool results.  I loved the super duper wide angle lens that gets used often here.  One thing that is taken from Barry Lyndon that can feel like a bad fit sometimes is the chapter structure that, for me, didn’t really add anything at best and at worst I think worked against the movie’s momentum a little bit.  Although the individual scenes that make up those chapters are pretty much never misses.  Underscoring the tension between the 3 central characters, it was really nice to feel like I was watching a great acting battle as well.  But as much as has been written about Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz who are both great I don’t really feel like anyone adequately prepared me for how fantastic Olivia Colman is here as Queen Anne.  Just such a nice multilayered performance whose layers really get peeled back gradually by the story in really telling and satisfying ways.  Nicolous Holt was also funny and good here.  Kind of excited to look up how historically accurate this was.

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