Train to Busan ★★★

Train To Busan 2016

If you like zombie movies then this Korean thrill fest might do it for you. This one is set on a speeding train (and that train sure does speed) with a mysterious chemical accident happening in the country, that causes people to bite each other turning them into flesh eating zombies. There is of course no rhyme or reason to all of this, but one would be hard put not to think of the tensions and scary stuff happening on the Korean peninsula right now. The thin plot centers on an attractive hard working fund manager played by Gong Yoo who is separated from his wife and is having relationship issues with his young daughter, (for her birthday he gives her some high tech toy that he already gifted her with) and to make it up to her, agrees to take a day off from his busy schedule to take her to Busan to spend time with her mother taking her aboard the high tech bullet train. Most of the film takes place on the speeding train with a large cast of stereotypical characters that we have been seeing in these kind of films for ever, the tough working class but kind hearted husband and his pregnant wife, two sweet spinster sisters, a brave homeless man, the nasty CEO, the teenage baseball team and on and on. The director Yeon Sang-ho knows how to direct action and gives us some great crowded scenes of chaos and horror, along with several terrific fast paced scenes that really pull you in and shake you up with all those charging zombies. Also of note is the spiffy cinematography all glossy and smooth by Lee Hyung-deok. The film goes on for a little too long and might wear out its welcome for some, but for die hard zombie apocalyptic lovers this one should do the trick.