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  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    What is it about Vampire movies that keep drawing us to them. I usually check out most of the new ones (the exception being the Twilight franchise which I have no interest in) including this one, a first feature by the young female director Ana Lily Amirpour a Iranian by birth but brought up in Los Angles. I had no notion about the subject of the film but was drawn to it by its title (the best title of 2014)…

  • These Glamour Girls

    These Glamour Girls

    This could have easily been a monogram programmer if not for the M.G.M. polish. Made for nothing and shot on the back lot with standing sets, this fast (running a mere 79 minutes) little gum drop was unexpected fun, mainly because of the young and willing cast that was assembled to tell the story of young and spoiled Manhattan debutants on a house party weekend spree at some elite college. Along for the ride was the very young Lana Turner…

  • One Girl's Confession

    One Girl's Confession

    One Girl’s Confession 1953

    I know I shouldn’t have liked this film, but I did. Cleo Moore and her breasts star in this B potboiler directed by Hugo Haas who turned out many B potboilers in his career. Cleo plays Mary Adams, basically a good girl, who works in a dump of a dive diner on the waterfront, and who doesn’t tak...e any crap from the male patrons who make rude remarks and gestures towards her. She also has to…