Opening Night ★★★★★

“what the hell do you want?” / “everything you can’t give me. i want youth, super strength, dream-building, happiness, fun, emotion...practically anything.”

watching this at the age myrtle wants to return to is so strange because you’re like why would she want to live through this confusion again? ESPECIALLY when she has fame & success. i guess that’s the point though and i’m sure i’ll understand it differently next time. women are never able to fully appreciate any stage in our lives because we’re either too young and lost and being taken advantage of or too old and being discarded. no one can portray this desperation better than gena rowlands. this might solidify her as my favorite actor...possibly ever. 

ALSO the way that cassavetes was able to write women more realistically and empathetically 40 years ago than any modern filmmaker is insane.

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