The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back ★★★★★

the let it be sessions have become a myth. injected with anger and frustration and divorce. anyone who knows anything about the beatles has something to say about this era and it’s never good. i think this documentary proves otherwise. here we see these guys, not even 30 and so fucking tired, but still devoted to working things out. they make magic in minutes. here we see that, despite the impending doom, there was still love there. maybe watching these guys, not even 30 and so stupid with talent, play “get back” 400 times really is ridiculous. but for me, it’s enough. 

the beatles were my first obsession. i was ten years old in mr. hanlon’s 5th grade music class the first time i heard “i want to hold your hand” and it was love at first listen. i spent that afternoon watching beatles lyric videos on youtube (before everything was removed for copyright purposes) and before i knew it i was past the point of no return. from that moment on they soundtracked my adolescence.

for every pivotal moment of my life, the beatles had a song. from 12, crying on my back porch to “strawberry fields forever,” to 17, listening to “she’s leaving home” every single night. they gave me the words i couldn’t find to make sense of growing up. the beatles were there for a very lonely little girl and i wish i could thank them for taking care of her. 

so for now i’ll just say thank you peter jackson for letting me hang out with the boys for a little while. and thank you beatles for everything that i still can’t put into words.

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