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  • Antichrist



    Despite having already made 3 bonafide masterpieces with Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark and Dogville, its with Antichrist that Von Trier solidified himself as one of the all time greats. Someone truly unafraid to push the medium to where it needed to go, both stylistically and in terms of content.

    This is the 4th time I've seen this film and every single time I watch it I'm filled with such uncontrollable dread and fear. It's practically primordial, and…

  • 24 Frames

    24 Frames


    That Abbas Kiarostami is no longer with us is still something I find so difficult to handle. This may sound strange considering I never knew the man, and what I do know of him is solely through interviews and of course, mostly through his body of work, but I still cried when I heard of his passing. For whatever reason, hearing about such an innovative, humanistic artist that I had nothing but endless respect and admiration for dying made my…

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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    Where as Moonlight builds and builds this one starts off SO strong and kind of ends on a whimper. 

    Beautifully made, AMAZING score with a more than a few stunning performances but I never felt all that moved by the second half. 

    Still, Barry can shoot the shit out of anything. Just maybe a little too delicate when it needed some fury.

  • White Christmas

    White Christmas


    More of a traditional musical than a Christmas film which wasn’t what I was really expecting given the title but I think it’s a solid film regardless. Touching ending and some really great use of color with a couple stellar dance sequences. 

    Vistavision baby!

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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    A truly cinematic experience that totally melted my brain. Who knew we would have another spectacle film this year after Mad Max: Fury Road? Epic action with a Malick flair? Yes. Every single wound and injury was felt by the audience. The bear scene and the opening battles made my jaw drop to the floor. I feel so so so lucky to have seen this early because this is a truly special movie. The kind of movie we'll still be…

  • Mommy



    I'm a huge fan of Dolan. I strongly admire all of his films, even some of his weaker stuff (Tom at the Farm, which I think is underrated). I sincerely believe he's one of the brightest, most innovative young filmmakers working today. I went into this with extremely high expectations. EXTREMELY HIGH.

    And... holy fuck...

    Dolan exceeded every single expectation I had for this movie. Not just a little, but by a fucking ridiculous amount. This simply put is one…