The Guest

The Guest ★★★★

After having seen "You're Next" and now this I'm convinced Adam Wingard has the possibility of becoming the next Edgar Wright in terms of just how fun his genre satires are. This is definitely a much more subtle satire than "You're Next", with the main idea of the film being taking a regular, somewhat realistic, middle class American family putting an 80's action star archetype at their doorstep. What follows is a complete fucking blast. Just hilarious. I absolutely love Dan Stevens' cool and totally insane David. As strange as it may seem his complete (and over the top) dedication to the family reminded me of Waters' Serial Mom. The film's sense of humor may not be as on the surface as "You're Next" and ultimately that may be where it's biggest flaw lies but I must admit I'm very excited to see what Wingard does next. Certainly one of those underrated gems of 2014.

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