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  • Cats



    Below are my initial thoughts while tweeting about the movie while I was watching and I stand by them.

    "Watching Cats. Rebel Wilson 'comically' falling around, peeling off her skin, and biting the heads off human faced cockroaches is honestly sending me to the brink of a full blown panic attack.' 1\2

    "I'm not even joking. I had to turn it off. I can't even hate watch this." 2\2

    DISCLAIMER: Normally, I never watch a movie with my phone in the room. No matter how bad it is. In this case I did, and it was purely medicinal. Fuck me this was the worst.

  • Between Worlds

    Between Worlds

    Watching this I could tell immediately what the director's plan was.

    "Hey Nic. Love you man. Can you please sort of dress up like Con Air Nic and behave like Castor Troy Nic?`

    And Nic was like," Yeah for sure and I might drop in the odd weird completely out of character stuff as well?"

    And the Director says:"We've somehow managed to get a Badlamenti composition and some Marilyn Manston so let's pretend this is Lost Highway but I've no idea how to shoot it"

    Nic Cage "WhoooooooYeahhh"

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  • Midsommar



    Looked great, sounded great but was largely predictable.

    It's comparable with Hereditary in many ways but lacked that film's many gut wrenching emotional beats. Hereditary also had a standout performance from an actor (Toni Collette) which elevated it. This hadn't. But then again, none of the characters in this were particularly fleshed out enough so as to allow it.

    This film really made me want to rewatch Nic Cage in a bear suit in the Wicker Man remake which is probably not a good thing.

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Just as well there isn't alot of dependency on having dialogue further the plot as I had no idea what was being said by anyone for the most part. Still, I never took my eyes off it. A superbly well made film with an incredible performance by Joaquin Phoenix (mumbles and all).