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  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    Aside from the Civil War, you rarely consider what a U.S homefront conflict would look like in film. "First Blood" showed what one man could do with all his specialized training training, while "Red Dawn" realized a modern global conflict on our home turf. Of course we won't see this kind of conflict in real life, but it does make for ripe potential. Something I feel Walter Hill delivered on with this movie!

    It's one thing to have an enticing…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Even though I still maintain Batman is the most overrated superhero ever, I am interested to see whoever takes him on next. Christopher Nolan left a sharp mark with this character across three films while Warner Bros collectively shoehorned him into their struggling cinematic universe. When Coronavirus consumed the world, it would look like we wouldn't see this much hyped vision come to life. Count your blessings I say! Because this feels like a privilege to behold in all its…

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  • Godzilla



    In the words of Carly Simon, nobody does it better. Godzilla is simply the most famous and beloved movie monster of all time! His terrifying beginnings saw him as an allegory for mid-century nuclear warfare while also setting a new benchmark in cinematic science fiction. Over 20 films and 60 years later, the King of the Monsters returns to movie screens with a thrilling new adventure!

    This new film plants Godzilla firmly in a realistic light. He rises from the…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    It's not often I go into an art film this willingly. I can dig them on occasion, provided I can get on board with the right premise and that they don't meander too much. In the case of this one, it had a certain mystique about it that ate away at my curiosity whenever I gave it some thought. After watching it, I'm feeling unnerved in the best way.

    Getting this out of the way, this film lacks a story.…