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  • Anthony Adverse

    Anthony Adverse


    i hate myself for watching THIS as my first Olivia film post-her death

  • Please Subscribe

    Please Subscribe


    This documentary opens with a Steve Jobs quote about changing the world. Yeah…

    One of the first people interviewed in the doc is a guy from District Lines who created the YouTube convention Playlist Live, which already made me feel like this is going to be a very specific sort of self-congratulatory movie, seeing as, I would assume, if you wanted to talk about YouTube conventions you would choose Vidcon, the one people heard about.

    Anyway, then the film moves…

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  • The Man Who Laughs

    The Man Who Laughs


    This week on the 2019 Film School Drop Outs Challenge the subject is Universal’s Monsters. „The Man Who Laughs” (or rather, its main character, Gwynplaine) is not usually placed alongside classic Universal Monsters like Frankenstein or Dracula but I think people attracted to these stories because of compassion towards their subject should give it a chance. Because the story of Gwynplaine in many aspects might be one of the most heartbreaking of them all.

    When he is a child, Gwynplaine…

  • He Who Gets Slapped

    He Who Gets Slapped


    Maybe „He Who Gets Slapped” was not the most obvious choice for a week of "Feminist Pre-Code Hollywood" on the Film School Drop Outs Challenge but here we are. I guess it does feature Norma Shearer in the role of a daughter of a broke count who has to work as a bareback rider in a circus while her father tries to find her a rich husband that could save their family’s finances. Maybe that could be seen as some…