King is Ironicmajesty

King is Ironicmajesty

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  • Flipped
  • Mean Girls
  • Spotlight
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  • The Game

    The Game


    The best thing about The Game is that you never know what's going to happen next. Every sequence is unpredictable as director Fincher gave us blindside after blindside after blindside. Though some development are too implausible, Michael Douglas' performance is so enigmatic and controlled he's a force to watch. The good casting choice ensured that viewers will have something to hold on to, as lead character Nicholas would feel hallow if given to lesser calculated actor. Sean Penn is aโ€ฆ

  • Maid in Malacaรฑang

    Maid in Malacaรฑang

    Wala nang papanget pa

Popular reviews

  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl


    The Danish Girl probably didn't age well with all the negative reviews here, but hear me out - while this movie may be biologically inaccurate, it showed how far we've come since the 1930s. If Lili Elbe experienced cruelty and discrimination, its because homosexuality was heavily fawned upon then. If The Danish Girl repeatedly misgendered Lili, its because she was misgendered in her days. This is a sad reality we can't just paint clean to reflect our truths today.


  • Apocalypto



    "I saw a hole in the Man... deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking... until one day the World will say: 'I am no more, and I have nothing left to give to you' "

    Deeply immersive and with storytelling worthy to be labeled as epic, Apocalypto is rich, full and commanding. Mel Gibson's ditection is frank and imaginative. Apocalypto isโ€ฆ