Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

The most chatty zombie movie ever.

Army Or The Dead is a comedy thriller by Zack Snyder so you can bet a dollar this movie is dumb, bloated and noisy. But to say it's not fun and entertaining is just presumptuous. Army of The Dead's plot is tweaked, modern and rejuvenated (smart and quick moving zombies that could sire? Come on!), and I appreciate the little touch of feminism that was echoed throughout the film. Cinephiles have an issue with the overlong runtime, but to be fair, the pacing and storytelling gave ample introduction to the whole squad; by the time the action is in full swing, a viewer is already acquainted with all the integral characters. Who the final girl (or duo) is is predictable, but the kill order was so random it hyped up the thrill (which will lead us back to vital character introductions that prolonged the runtime). Praises to Snyder too for the cinematography and visual effects.

However, the runtime can still be slashed by a couple minutes and some subplots were unnecessary. And like what I said, this movie is sooooo talkative.

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