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  • Sin Nombre

    Sin Nombre


    Fukunaga’s tight, gritty directorial debut realistically presents a world of despair, mixing two key social problems that continue to dominate Mexican territory to these days: gang violence and Latin-American migrants in search for an opportunity to go north. It’s an assured exercise about the cruelty the people immersed in these situations either inflict on others or simply just face. The acting really brings together the authenticity Fukunaga strives for.

  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations


    I had no idea the story of Great Expectations was this... bland? Obviously I have never read Dickens’ novel but I do think it’s a testament to Lean’s legendary skill that his harmless adaptation works just fine, also helped by a round of talented actors in the ensemble. But my impression is the material isn’t so strong, since it seems like an episodic tale that moves through so convenient twists that it renders this world a small-scale one. I dunno...

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  • The Man with the Golden Gun

    The Man with the Golden Gun


    This was definitely a low in the Bond franchise back then. Moore’s second outing barely makes any sense and embraces campiness like never before —but it isn’t really a fun flick! Lee as Scaramanga was a great choice so it’s a real shame the screenwriters decided to write him an absolute dumb villain. Also, what the hell was the purpose of bringing back that Live and Let Die character no one remembers? This doesn’t even have a good theme song...

  • Shoplifters



    A tender reflection on the whole concept of family that almost effortlessly grabs the audience thanks to its ensemble of colourful characters and their quotidian interactions as they do their best to enjoy life however little they have. Surely there’s a local social commentary somewhere in it, but Kore-eda’s film has no problem speaking to foreigners about appreciating the little quirks that life has in store for us, and how we can find warmth in this imperfect world.