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  • Glass



    Watched in the cinema

    Glass has quite a few flaws and pacing is more like an art house film than a production for a wide audience.

    Nevertheless, M. Night Shyamalan manages to bring the strands he has devised in Unbreakable and Split to a homogeneous conclusion in the encounter of David Dunn, Elijah Price and Kevin Wendell Crumb. I don't know if he's fibbing when he says he already had the plan for a big story arc in 2000 during…

  • The X-Ray Fiend

    The X-Ray Fiend


    Watched on YouTube

    The X-Ray Fiend from George Albert Smith combines the jumpcuts from earlier Georges Méliès shorts with the attempt to visualize the possibilities of the just discovered X-Rays by physician Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

    It's again an effect short, not trying to tell an interesting story but to astonish the audience.

    Interesting, but a little bit laughable.

    Watch it here:

Popular reviews

  • Split



    Watched on Blu-Ray

    Rewatch Road to Glass
    Step 2 of 2

    M.Night Shayamalan proved to the people in 2016 that he is still able to make really good movies and above all to surprise his audience.

    Split works on several levels. On the one hand it's a self-contained psychothriller with fantasy elements and on the other hand an unusual Origin Story of a super villain. Especially the latter aspect let several people cheer out loud in the cinema back then.…

  • Roma



    Watched on Netflix

    He gave us Children of Men, one of the most exciting dystopias of all time. He gave us the best Harry Potter movie. And now Alfonso Cuarón gives us his most personal work so far. Roma is nothing but pure life in 2 hours 14 minutes of concentrated form.

    The film breathes authenticity from every pore. Almost documentary and in astonishing technical and visual brilliance, Cuarón portrays the everyday life of two housemaids in 1970's Mexico. Their…